‘The love letter to my neighbourhood that helped me flee my country’


joseAs a journalist in Venezuela, José Gregorio Márquez reported from poor areas of Caracas, while being careful to hide his own humble beginnings. But years later, a love letter to the neighbourhood he’d felt so ashamed of would be his ticket to a new life abroad.

When José Gregorio Márquez was a child, he used to love writing plays for his classmates at school. He particularly remembers one about a group of animals who picked on a rabbit and bullied him.

“My message there was that we are all equals and we need to treat people decently. At the end of the story, the other animals got to know the rabbit they didn’t like at first, and grew to love him,” he says.

He also used to imagine stories for his toys, with each new tale entertaining and keeping him company for up to a week.

Source: BBC

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