Rare Nautilus Makes First Appearance in 30 Years


University of Washington biologist Peter Ward ran into an old friend of sorts in July 2015, while exploring the waters off Papua New Guinea.

During an expedition to survey nautilus populations, the scientist was thrilled to spot Allonautilus scrobiculatus, a species of nautilus not seen since before “Back to the Future” hit theaters.

“Before this, two humans had seen Allonautilus scrobiculatus,” said Ward in a press release. “My colleague Bruce Saunders from Bryn Mawr College found Allonautilus first, and I saw them a few weeks later.”

Indeed that was back in 1984, off of Ndrova Island in Papua New Guinea. The creature had otherwise vanished from public view.

Ward has provided Discovery News with an array of pictures and video stills from his July 2015 reunion, in the same waters, with the long-lost nautilus. Let’s venture down into the sea to glimpse this creature and its neighborhood friends.

source : http://news.discovery.com/animals/rare-nautilus-makes-first-appearance-in-30-years-photos-150827.htm

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