Century-Old Message in a Bottle Returned to Sender

Century-Old MessageIf you’re ever marooned on a desert island, don’t count on a message in a bottle to save you. That’s because it can take over a hundred years for these objects to wash ashore, as a German woman recently discovered.

Marianne Winkler found an old bottle on a beach on Amrum Island, Germany earlier this year with a postcard from the early 1900s inside. Instructions printed on the card asked for its discoverer to mail it back to the Marine Biological Association (MBA) of the United Kingdom in the care of George Parker Bidder. The message promised a shilling in return.

“We haven’t had [a bottle] returned in living memory,” says Guy Baker, an MBA spokesperson. “So when this one turned up in April it was quite a surprise.”
The bottle and its message were part of an experiment conducted between 1904 and 1906 by scientist and former MBA president Bidder. He dropped 1,020 weighted bottles into the southern North Sea (map) in an attempt to figure out the movement of the area’s bottom currents.
Bidder got about half of his messages back, says Baker. And the longest it took for one of his bottles to come home—before this current one—was about four years.
There are about 400 bottles unaccounted for, says Baker. “I expect all of those will have been smashed or lost forever somewhere.”source : http://news.nationalgeographic.com/2015/08/150825-message-bottle-lego-rubber-ducky-drifter-oceans-currents-science/

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