See the world through an animal’s eyes

animal eyesFrom pink dandelions and yellow snowdrops to bright orange leaves, new technology has revealed what the world looks like though different animals’ eyes.

Researchers have come up with new software that converts digital photos to animal vision.

It can be used to analyse colours and patterns and could shed light on how predators hunt and vulnerable creatures camouflage themselves.

The camera technology was developed by scientists at the University of Exeter and shows that dandelions look bright pink to bees and leaves a vibrant orange to lizards.

While humans and most apes see using three primary colours, other mammals are only sensitive to blue and yellow.

But birds, reptiles, amphibians and some insects see it in four or more primary colours and many of them can see the ultraviolet range – a world completely invisible to us without the use of full spectrum cameras.

The flowers look particularly bright to bees because they see in ultraviolet (UV). Their almost fluorescent colour is effective in attracting pollinators.

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