Putting the Art in Artificial Intelligence

Art in AIA few weeks back, researchers with Google’s artificial neural networks team issued a blog post about its A.I. system, Deep Dream, that could see pictures in clouds and even (arguably) create original art.

Yesterday, a team of four engineering students at Hack Reactor announced via Popular Science, that they were coming out with an app called Dreamify that used Deep Dream’s source code to create psychedelic art out of ordinary images.

It gets technical, and a little existential, but the basic gist is that by running an image recognition processes in reverse, an image recognition system was able to generate original images rather than just identify them. After training the system with thousands of images of a particular object — a starfish, say — the team discovered that the neural network would identify “starfishy” elements in other, unrelated images.

The results are trippy, to say the least. But Deep Dream is not the first computer to generate art. We take a look at it here, along with some other examples of machine-generated art.

source : http://news.discovery.com/tech/putting-the-art-in-artificial-intelligence-photos-150727.htm


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