Little girl, 3, saves two children by donating her organs

Olivia SwedbergOlivia Swedberg was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer on May 7.

The three-year-old from North Platte, Nebraska, had a tumor known as diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma (DIPG), which has a 0 percent survival rate and only affects children.

Her parents decided they needed to do whatever they could to ensure Olivia could make the most of what time she had left, and so they set off on a trip to Walt Disney World.

While in Orlando, Olivia’s mom, Lauressa Swedberg, received a message on Facebook from a woman in Pittsburgh, who explained that she had heard about Olivia’s condition and that her own son only had just a few weeks to live.

The little boy, Lucas Goeller, desperately needed a liver in order to live.

He developed a sever liver disease illness called biliary atresia shortly after birth.

The disease inhibits bile ducts in the liver.

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