4 Hacks to lift your mood

attractive young woman lying in green grassA new study has recently revealed that people use facial expression to help recall an emotion.

For example, re enactment of a smile helps remember a smile. Jenny Baumeister, SISSA researcher, said that theories of embodied emotion state that in order to process an emotion, people first reproduce the facial movements of the expression induced by that emotion. In practice, if people watch someone smiling, they tend to smile as well in order to appreciate what that person was feeling, she further added. The study, published in Acta Psychologica, reinforces the theory that a simple change in your facial expression could change your mood i.e. recalling a smile could help you smile. Here are other tricks to help you cheer yourself up:


When in dumps, binge on chocolate or instant noodles. If that’s been your PMS mantra, you may want a rethink. Studies have shown that fresh foods are healthier and happier foods than processed foods. The foods we eat produce the chemicals in our brain that create feelings of happiness.

The foods that make you happy (for longer) are complex carbohydrates -such as legumes and whole-grain breads -providing lasting energy and protecting us against chronic fatigue. Fish, meat and beans too are a good option, since they are packed with proteins and contain pleasure-inducing chemicals like dopamine and amino acids.


Overwhelmed by deadlines and the pressure of sticking to resolutions in the new year? Instead of letting yourself get down in the dumps and forgetting to those things that you actually like, attempt this `5 per cent’ trick suggested by Psychotherapist Dr Nathaniel Branden, author of The Six Pillars of Self Esteem. Tell yourself, “If I were 5 per cent more responsible today, I would do _________.” Fill in the blank with what would make your life more meaningful today walking in the park, hit ting the gym, being more calm at work.

source: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/life-style/relationships/man-woman/4-Hacks-to-lift-your-mood/articleshow/45817757.cms

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