5 ways to make happiness a habit

http://www.dreamstime.com/stock-images-woman-enjoying-happiness-hope-spring-blissful-freedom-life-park-image37211474Making happiness a habit can be one of the best things that you can do this year. Lifestyle experts and healers have reiterated time and again that it works in a cyclic pattern — if you are happy, you attract happiness.

Looking out for positive moments in your life daily and then dwelling upon them, always works. Here are a few points that you can keep in mind…

Smile at and love yourself l Do this exercise every morning — motivational author and healer Louise Hay recommends looking at the mirror with a smile and saying ‘I love you (your name)’. She states that for most people this is a very difficult thing to do because neither can they love nor can they forgive themselves. When we do this exercise everyday, we begin to fulfil our immense need to be loved and accepted. Also, simply smiling can be liberating. When we are happy we smile, because our brain deduces that smiling is a reaction to the action of happiness. So, you could go the other way round — smile first and then you will begin to feel happy. Try this random exercise — smile at people you meet in the train, someone standing next to you in the queue etc. It has been found that 90% of the time people genuinely feel elated and happy even when exchanging smiles with strangers.

Make a list of all your achievements l Each of us are endowed with qualities that bring about our success. Never tell yourself that you aren’t good at something. Everyone has certain unique qualities and you need to discover yours. Focus on your talents suggest lifestyle coaches. It’s okay to feel proud about what you’re good at and to give yourself credit for your successes. Set some achievable goals and then work towards it with dedication. Once your realistic goals are achieved, you will feel lasting happiness.
Let mindfulness work for you l Raageshwari Loomba, who has been holding workshops on mindfulness in India and abroad, emphasises its benefits. “Mindfulness is another word for spiritualism, for me. That what is within us, will reflect outside. How we see ourselves, will mirror what the world sees us as. What we visualise, that will materialise,” she states. If we are mindful all the time, happiness will invariably be a state of mind.


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