Titanic Dinosaur Unveiled

Titanic DinosaurAfter nine years of excavation and study, paleontologists have unveiled one of the largest creatures ever to walk the Earth. The most complete skeleton of a giant titanosaur will provide new insights into how these giants lived large.The new dinosaur is named Dreadnoughtus schrani, a reference to the armored battleship and a tribute to the dinosaur’s perceived fearlessness. Details on the dinosaur are announced Thursday in the journal Scientific Reports.

In life, Dreadnoughtus would have been about 86 feet (26 meters) long and weigh nearly 60 tons, heavier than a Chieftan tank, Drexel University paleontologist Ken Lacovara and colleagues calculate. That’s so big, the scientists write, that adults of the species would have been “nearly impervious to attack” by predators that stalked the same floodplains between 84 million and 66 million years ago.

Among the largest of dinosaurs, titanosaurs like Dreadnoughtus were hefty herbivores with tiny heads, long necks, and tapering tails. This body type marks titanosaurs as part of a group called sauropods, to which classic dinosaurs such as Apatosaurus also belonged. Sauropods spent their days feeding high and low, plucking greens from patches of ferns and trees alike, as they browsed the prehistoric salad bar.

What makes Dreadnoughtus a remarkable new addition to this prehistoric family is the amount of material recovered from the dinosaur. The remains, representing two individual animals, include both the humerus and femur of Dreadnoughtus, and Lacovara and colleagues used the circumference of these bones to estimate the dinosaur’s weight.

So far, Lacovara says, “Dreadnoughtus has the largest calculable mass of any land animal.”

source : http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2014/09/140904-giant-sauropod-dinosaur-dreadnoughtus-argentina/

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