Mysterious Buried Artifacts Discovered

Four deposits of artifacts possibly buried as a ritual act of sorts before the construction of a tomb have been discovered in Egypt’s Valley of the Kings.

The so-called foundation deposits, arranged in a boxlike shape, contain a mix of artifacts, including the head of a cow, a vase painted in blue and flint blades that have wooden handles that are still preserved after more than three millennia.

The Valley of the Kings was used to bury Egyptian royalty during the New Kingdom (1550 – 1070 B.C.) period. The discovery was made in its “western valley,” an area sometimes called the “valley of the monkeys” after a scene depicting 12 baboons was discovered in one of its tombs.

“Previously discovered foundation deposits in the Valley of the Kings have always been associated with a nearby tomb,” write Afifi Ghonim and Glen Dash in the abstract of a presentation they gave recently at the Current Research in Egyptology conference in London.

Ghonim, an archaeologist with the Egyptian Ministry of State for Antiquities, was field supervisor of the Egyptian expedition to the valley that took place between 2007 and 2011, and Dash led a team that did ground-penetrating radar work. This expedition, led by Zahi Hawass, was the largest since Howard Carter discovered King Tutankhamun’s tomb in 1922. It has resulted in numerous discoveries and the collection of data, which will take many years to fully analyze and publish.

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