Fight against lung cancer, day by day

Jennifer GlassA woman who was diagnosed with lung cancer just four months into her marriage has documented her journey – by having her photo taken every day for a year.

Jennifer Glass, from San Mateo, California, discovered she had advanced lung cancer in January 2013 after her husband found a lump in her neck.

Starting on the day the family learned she had cancer; the time-lapse video follows the 50-year-old for her first year, through chemo, radiation and finally, a halt in cancer growth.

Just months after marrying Harlan Seymour, Ms Glass was given the devastating news that she had Stage IV metastatic lung cancer.

On her blog, she writes: ‘ Apart from that lump, I had no symptoms. I felt healthy, energetic, and strong as I embarked on the most joyful and contented phase of my life.

‘We were newlyweds, having just gotten married a few months before.’

Ms Glass’ cancer was non-small cell lung cancer, stage IIIB, with an estimated five-year survival rate of five per cent.

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