Surgeons printed me an entire new skull

Stephen PowerA father has made surgical  history by having his face reconstructed by 3D printers.

Stephen Power suffered terrible  injuries in a motorbike accident 18 months ago, fracturing his skull and breaking both cheek bones, his jaw, eye socket and nose.

After early operations the 29-year-old still had a lopsided face and collapsed cheek – and feared he would never have the confidence to appear in public again.

However surgeons were too worried to carry out any further procedures in case his eyesight was damaged.

Now revolutions in surgical technology have allowed them to reconstruct Mr Power’s face with 3D-printed titanium implants – thought to be the first operation of its kind anywhere in the world.

Despite wearing a crash helmet, Mr Power, from Cardiff, spent four months in hospital after the accident.

After preliminary operations, doctors at Morriston Hospital, Swansea, decided they had to break his cheekbones again before rebuilding his face.

Design engineers at Cardiff Metropolitan University used CT scans to create and print a 3D plastic model of Mr Power’s skull and the section of his cheek to be repaired.

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