Secret tomb discovered after 4,500 years

Priest of MagicA ‘huge’ limestone tomb belonging to an important Egyptian physician has been discovered.

Archaeologists at Abusir Archaeological Cemetery at Giza have unearthed the final resting place of
Shepseskaf ‘ankh that has been undisturbed for 4,500 years.

The generous size of the tomb, which is 69 by 45 feet long and 13 feet high, indicates the importance of the ancient medical professional, who was Head of Physicians of Upper and Lower Egypt in the Fifth Dynasty of the Old Kingdom.

Vice head of the Ancient Egyptian sector, Ali ALasfar, said a large door covered in hieroglyphs revealed that its occupant is the ‘Priest of Khnum,’ or ‘Priest of Magic’.

The false door with the name, title and images of its owner is located inside a chapel where the tomb itself was found.

The door in the eastern part of the tomb also says that the medicine man was one of the most important royal physicians in Ancient Egypt at the time.

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