The 3D printed hand that could change the world

3D printed handA British inventor hopes to revolutionise the health industry after producing 3D printed prosthetic limbs.

The NHS currently has to pay around £70,000 for a prosthetic hand, but robotics expert Joel Gibbard, 23, has come up with an alternative which could cost just £600.

The engineering graduate has created The Dextrus hand, a fully-working prototype built with a 3D printer.

Dextrus works like a human hand, using electric motors instead of muscles and steel cables instead of tendons.

The 3D printed plastic parts work like bones and a rubber coating acts as the skin.

The hand, which is made from the same material as Lego, can be used without a custom fitting.

It can articulate each finger individually enabling it to hold objects of different sizes and shapes.

It takes about eight hours to print one off.

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