‘I was so relieved to hear him cry’

Ashley EdwardsA father has told how he saved his newborn baby’s life when he was born suddenly at home with his umbilical cord wrapped around his neck.

Ashley Edwards, 35, was forced to deliver his son, Toby, when his wife, Kimberly, 30, realised the baby would not wait until they got to hospital.

However, when Toby was born, Mr Edwards was shocked to realise that he was not breathing.

He told the 999 call handler, Megan Llewellyn at East of England Ambulance Service, who talked him through the birth, and she explained how to remove the cord from the baby’s neck to allow him to breathe.

Mr Edwards, from Dereham, Norfolk, said: ‘I really started to panic when I realised my baby wasn’t crying.

‘Thankfully Megan was brilliant. She calmly talked me through what to do.

‘She told me to slide a finger under the cord gently pull it away from the neck and over the head.’

Mrs Edwards was 35 weeks pregnant when, on July 20, she started to feel contractions.

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