‘Mega-canyon’ discovered under ice in Greenland

Mega-canyonForget about exploring other planets — it looks like Earth has a few surprises left. How about a massive canyon buried underneath an ice sheet?

Researchers announced Thursday, in the journal Science, the discovery of a massive canyon below an ice sheet that covers Greenland. The canyon is at least 750 kilometers long and 800 meters deep, in some parts. Its scale is being compared to the Grand Canyon in Arizona.

Scientists believe the canyon predates the ice sheet that has kept it hidden from the world, which is estimated to be a few million years old. The researchers are in awe that a discovery of this scope can still be made on Earth.

“With Google Streetview available for many cities around the world and digital maps for everything from population density to happiness one might assume that the landscape of the Earth has been fully explored and mapped. Our research shows there’s still a lot left to discover,” Jonathan Bamber, professor at Bristol’s School of Geographical Sciences and lead author of the study said.

source : http://news.cnet.com/8301-10797_3-57600710-235/mega-canyon-discovered-under-ice-in-greenland/

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