Making a house a home

old and youngFor the six million Britons who  are carers to an adult – and the 6,000 people who take on this huge responsibility every day – finding the right support can be daunting.

The British Medical Association has released a Carer’s Manual to help. In the second of three extracts, we look at how to make the necessary changes to the home .  .  .

When you think about how to adapt a home to suit a person’s particular needs, it is important to consider costs, aesthetics, the impact of the changes on the home, and how they may affect other household members. Hasty decisions can be costly, so it can pay to seek professional advice.

The changes made will depend on the circumstances of the person you are caring for. Someone who is convalescing for a short period after illness won’t need expensive changes – look for low-cost, practical solutions.

If specialist equipment is needed for a short period, you might be able to borrow it. For example, the British Red Cross lends medical equipment such as wheelchairs.

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