A resta that’s a beacon of enlightened management

Colin FlahiveColin Flahive and three friends didn’t open Salvador’s Coffee House in 2004, on a busy street in the capital of China‘s southwestern Yunnan Province, for ethical or humanitarian reasons. At the time, they were just trying to make back the $30,000 they’d invested in the business while fending off the cockroaches they had inherited from a previous tenant.

But friends say they have always treated their employees – young women from a rural corner of Yunnan – with kindness, respect, and an awareness of the harsh realities facing rural migrants trying to make a better life in Chinese cities.

Now Mr. Flahive has linked the business to two grass-roots initiatives he created: an organic grocery service and a project to offer art and health classes in rural villages. He also leads or facilitates a range of nonprofit and humanitarian efforts across the province, including raising $30,000 for a Salvador’s employee who faced a life-threatening medical emergency.

source: http://www.csmonitor.com/World/Making-a-difference/2013/0711/Colin-Flahive-opened-a-restaurant-in-China-that-s-a-beacon-of-enlightened-management

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