So miracles DO happen!!!

Frankie MouldA toddler facing death after being ravaged by a flesh-eating bug was told by his heart- broken mother that he could ‘go’ if he wanted to.

Lucy Dove gently whispered the words into 18-month-old Frankie Mould’s ear because she couldn’t bear to see him suffer any more.

Her son had been through a nine-and-a-half hour operation to remove skin and tissue from his back and thigh, but doctors did not think he would survive the night and had told his parents to hope for a miracle.

Although the odds were stacked against him, Frankie showed extraordinary resilience to battle back from the brink – and is now home from hospital after six weeks of treatment.

‘He is doing well at the moment and we are so happy that he is alive,’ said Miss Dove from Sunderland.

‘We weren’t religious, but we are now. When doctors haven’t got any hope what are you left with? We started praying to save him and our prayers were answered.’

Frankie is thought to have got the necrotising fasciitis bug from a graze to his forehead a few weeks earlier. Bacteria got into his body, lay dormant and then ran wild.

At one point a nurse told Miss Dove, 25, and the boy’s father Wayne Mould, also 25, that he was ‘the sickest boy in the country’.

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