Eexercise, Rock climb and Bungee jump!!!

Natalie RoyleA teenager has made a remarkable recovery after two life threatening operations to correct her twisted spine.

Natalie Royle, 17, from Grasscroft, Oldham, was diagnosed with scoliosis – curvature of the spine – and the condition gradually worsened over a 12-month period until her spine was bent at a 100-degree angle.

At her worst point, Natalie’s internal organs were becoming so compressed that she had breathing problems.

Thanks to surgeons at Manchester Children’s Hospital, she has made an incredible recovery.

ow she has been told she can get back to exercising, rock climbing and even bungee jumping.

Her grateful family has raised £6,000 for a new scanner for the hospital’s spinal unit to say thank you to the staff for saving Natalie’s life.

Her mother, Michelle, first noticed something was wrong when Natalie returned from a Duke of Edinburgh expedition in which she had to carry a heavy rucksack for days.

She said: ‘Natalie’s right shoulder was sticking out and it wasn’t right. I decided to take her to casualty, where she was diagnosed with scoliosis.

‘The curve in her spine became so severe that she couldn’t walk for more than five minutes as she was in too much pain.

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