First ‘Bionic’ Dog Has Four Prosthetic Limbs

Bionic DogWhen this dog was a puppy, he was abandoned in the basement of a foreclosed home along with his mother. Frigid temperatures and perhaps lack of food killed his mother, but this guy hung on. Unfortunately, frostbite claimed his feet. He was found and later adopted by veterinarian assistant Christie Pace. Pace raised money to pay for two back leg prosthetic devices designed by Martin and Amy Kaufman, who own Orthopets, a company that sells custom-made prosthetic limbs and orthotic braces for animals.

A few months after the rear prosthetic devices were in place, Orthopet clinicians fitted Naki’o — that’s his name now — with artificial front legs. After a tough start in life, Naki’o is now a superstar.

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