Living in the moment will improve your memory, working life and relationships

live in the momemtJust two weeks of mindfulness training on how to ‘live in the momemt’ can significantly improve reading comprehension, memory capacity and the ability to focus.

Many psychologists define mindfulness as a state of non-distraction characterised by full engagement with our current task or situation.

For much of our waking hours, however, we are anything but mindful.

We replay past events –– like the fight we’ve just had or daydream over holidays or think ahead to future circumstances, such as our plans for the weekend.

‘What surprised me the most was actually the clarity of the results,’ said Michael Mrazek, graduate student researcher in psychology and the lead and corresponding author of the paper, Mindfulness Training Improves Working Memory Capacity and GRE Performance While Reducing Mind Wandering.

‘Even with a rigorous design and effective training program, it wouldn’t be unusual to find mixed results. But we found reduced mind-wandering in every way we measured it.’

Their findings were recently published online in the empirical psychology journal Psychological Science.

Mind-wandering may not be a serious issue in many circumstances, but in tasks requiring attention, the ability to stay focused is crucial.

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