An educational blog that doesn’t bore his fellow teens

Sergei AbramovThe Internet journey of Sergei Abramov started in 2008, when his parents bought the sixth-grade student in St. Petersburg, Russia, a computer. He browsed the Internet but to his surprise found no good websites in Russian for kids his age: They were either boring or hard to understand.

So he decided to create his own website for Russian youths.

“At first it was very hard, because I knew nothing about Web design or Internet-site building,” Sergei says. He read an old textbook on marketing to understand how to promote his site.

Then, with the help of teachers, older friends, professionals, and others, he brought the project to life.

Sergei’s first visitors were schoolmates. Then he promoted the site on social networks and other school websites. Gradually he got an idea of what interested other kids his age. In 2010 he relaunched his site with a new, ironic name: The Blog of a School Wise Guy.

His project has become very successful, and students from all over Russia visit the site. The Blog of a School Wise Guy now boasts about 40,000 subscribers.

Denis Volkov, an eighth-grade student from the city of Novouralsk, ran across Sergei’s site when browsing the Web.

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