Delhi’s No.1 ladies’ taxi company

The world of taxi drivers is dominated by men. But there is one small cab company in Delhi, where all the drivers and passengers are female. Women’s safety is a hot topic in India at the moment, so it’s proving a very popular service.

“When I’m on the road driving our cab I feel very proud, because this is a cab service for women, and I’m a woman,” says 31-year-old Shanti Sharma.

“Our work is supporting the women of Delhi. We’re giving them safety.”

Sharma is one of eight female drivers with a taxi service called Cabs for Women by Women.

The last couple of months, since the brutal rape and murder in the city of a student travelling on a bus, have been particularly busy for her and colleagues.

“After this case, our workload has increased so much,” says Sharma. “Women who used other cab services are also turning to us now.”

Most women in Delhi say they routinely face harassment, and worse, especially on public transport.

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