‘Hey mom, can you hear me?’

A Texas mother has emerged from more than a decade of silence to hear her eight-year-old son talk for the first time.

Dawn Keim, 43, from El Paso, began losing her hearing 15 years ago due to a debilitating genetic condition.

The mother-of-three never thought she’d hear her older sons’ voices again and, when her youngest child, Asher, was born, she was devastated that she’d never be able to hear him speak.

But that all changed last November, when daytime talk show ‘The Doctors’ gave Keim the chance to have her hearing restored through breakthrough surgery.

She traveled to the House Ear Institute in Los Angeles where she received a cochlear implant – an electronic device surgically implanted in the ear of a profoundly deaf person to provide a sense of sound.

The quality isn’t the same as natural hearing, however patients are able to hear and understand speech and environmental sounds such as music.

source : http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2274183/Dawn-Keim-Deaf-mother-hears-8-year-old-sons-voice-time-breakthrough-surgery.html#axzz2KCh5oHLc

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