Died waiting for new lungs – but HER organs saved three lives

On a blazing hot day last summer, Sarah Wright began one of the toughest, and bravest, journeys of her life.

Flanked by her two best friends, Sarah — then desperately ill with terminal lung disease — walked five miles to raise awareness of the desperate need for more organ donors.

The charity walk, which edged the picturesque estuary of the River Exe, took the 36-year-old nearly four hours to complete — three hours longer than the dozens of other participants.

By the end of it she was fighting for every breath, but would not give up.
‘As Sarah approached the finish, you could hear this ground-swell of noise, cheering and clapping from the crowds who had turned out to watch her,’ remembers her father Steve, 63.

source : http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-2258669/End-donor-shortage-Sarah-died-waiting-new-lungs–HER-organs-saved-lives.html

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