Swiss Parliament Passes Plastic Bag Ban

Switzerland’s Parliament has approved a motion banning single-use plastic shopping bags.Both houses of the Swiss Parliament Thursday voted to forbid the distribution of the plastic bags. The next step is for the government to implement the ban.

Swiss Environment Minister Doris Leuthard said the ban was not necessary, as the Swiss system of waste handling currently works well, which is the position taken by the Swiss plastics industry association.

The motion to ban plastic bags was introduced by Dominique de Buman, a member of the lower chamber of the federal Parliament, the Nationalrat, and vice-president of the PDC, the Christian Democratic People’s Party of Switzerland.De Buman has been working to persuade his fellow legislators the ban plastic bags since October 2012, when he first filed a motion to that effect.

In  the current edition of “La Politique,” de Buman wrote, “At first glance, the plastic bag may seem a trivial subject. But behind this image harmless lies a real danger to the environment.”

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