Mother donates half of her LIVER to save her baby daughter’s life

Like any parent, Charlotte Rogers would do anything for her baby daughter. So when she was given the option of saving her life, she certainly didn’t think twice.

Ms Rogers from Betley, Staffordshire, gave part of her own liver to 13-month-old Imogen who was awaiting a transplant.

Little Imogen was diagnosed with biliary atresia when she was just nine weeks old.

The rare condition meant that Imogen was born without any bile ducts, making it impossible for her to break down fats in her diet, causing a severe strain on her liver.

In a worst case scenario, the bile could have built up in little Imogen’s liver and poisoned her to death.

Imogen had been on the transplant list for five months but it soon become clear that urgent action was needed to save her life.

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