Entrepreneur helps make St. Louis vibrant again

Joe Edwards

Every once in a rare while comes a chance to meet American royalty. If you are in Massachusetts, you might encounter a Kennedy. In New York it could be a Rockefeller. But in St. Louis it would have to be Joe Edwards.

“In this city, Joe Edwards is a prince,” says Ray Hartmann, founder of Riverfront Times, the city’s alternative newspaper, and a journalist who has covered the city for decades. “Or at least he’s the closest thing that we’ve got.”

The soft-spoken Mr. Edwards, who sports a ponytail and seems most at ease in faded jeans, actually looks more like a vintage rocker than a potentate of any kind.

But according to many of his grateful fellow St. Louisans, Edwards has been a powerful force for civic good. “It’s hard to give anybody single-handed credit for something this big,” Mr. Hartmann says, “but [Edwards] is largely responsible for saving one of the most historic parts of the city.”

source : http://www.csmonitor.com/World/Making-a-difference/2012/1214/Entrepreneur-Joe-Edwards-helps-make-St.-Louis-vibrant-again?nav=87-frontpage-spotlight

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