Saved by an email!

Susan Rostron

When Susan Rostron was told she had an inoperable tumour on her pancreas, she decided some good should come of her early death.

Resigned to her fate, the 58-year-old emailed Cancer Research UK to see if they wanted the football-sized tumour after she had died.

It was an email that quite literally saved her life.

In an amazing twist of fate, her message was message was forwarded to Neil Pearce, one of the country’s leading consultant surgeons specialising in pancreatic treatment.

He asked to meet Miss Rostron and then told her he could perform ‘extreme surgery’ which would remove her pancreas, spleen, stomach and part of the oesophagus.

She decided to go ahead with the 12 hour procedure which was a success. She has since undergone a gruelling recovery process and has been given the all clear.

Miss Rostron, from Dorchester, Dorset, had the tumour growing inside her for 20 years without realising.

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