Acupuncture can relieve the extreme tiredness


The 40 per cent of breast cancer patients who suffer from extreme fatigue may benefit from acupuncture, new research suggests.

This was the first clinical trial using acupuncture to treat this particular symptom of the disease.

Hundreds of thousands of patients overcoming the disease battle with fatigue.

But the three-year British trial showed acupuncture had across-the-board benefits, alleviating both mental and physical fatigue and improving overall quality of life.

Previously, few treatments were recognised for the up-to-40 per cent of patients needing help for fatigue, devastating their quality of life.

Professor Alex Molassiotis, from the University of Manchester, which led the trial said: ‘Fatigue is a blight on the lives of thousands of former cancer patients and this trial proves acupuncture can help them.

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