‘Miracle’ boy who was born with four heart

Alfie McAusland

A couple who were told their premature baby boy would die if he underwent surgery after being born with four life-threatening heart defects, today hailed their ‘miracle’ son after he proved doctors wrong to survive.

Alfie McAusland, was born three months early with his main arteries in the wrong place, a large hole in his heart, a narrowing valve, and unconnected blood vessels.

His parents Natalie and Christopher, from Tullibody in Alloa, Scotland, were told there was no hope for their tiny son.

Doctors, who had never encountered this combination of deadly defects before, advised the couple to let 2lb 6oz Alfie die naturally as he was too small to survive surgery.

But Mrs McAusland said ‘gut instinct’ told her that Alfie was a ‘fighter’ and she refused to give up on her son. 

Now, after spending weeks on a ventilator and just 10 months after a marathon 15-and-a-half hours in theatre to re-wire his heart, Alfie is like any healthy 18-month-old, who loves playing with his twin brother Blair.

source : http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-2211206/Parents-delight-baby-boy-survives-refuse-doctor-advice-let-die-naturally.html

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