Robot Paints Your Dreams


Measuring sleep usually involves attaching sensors to a person’s head and then creating basic charts and graphs based on brain waves. Now a robot is using similar technology to create art. It’s part of the “Sleep Art Experience,” a six-week project being promoted by five Ibis-brand hotels in France, Germany and Great Britain.

It starts with 80 sensors embedded in hotel room mattresses. The sensors record sleep variables including motion, temperature and sound between midnight and 7 am. That data is transmitted via Wi-Fi to a robot housed in a studio in Paris. The robot uses an algorithm to convert the data into art, which is expressed through a series of brushstrokes on a black canvas. The result is a beautiful depiction of what an individual’s sleep looks like, blending together the best of science and art.

Forty participants will have their sleep patterns turned into possibly the coolest piece of bedroom art ever. Registration for the Paris dates have already passed, but if you’re in the Berlin or London area this month, check out Ibis’ Facebook page to enter for a chance to participate.

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