Grapefruit juice helps you get pregnant

Grapefruit juice

It is not just children who may be confused about where babies come from. A survey has revealed British couples also hold on to a number of old wives’ tales when it comes to getting pregnant.

Popular myths include drinking grapefruit juice or cough syrup and planting a rosemary bush.

Even in this day and age some women trying for a baby say they think they have a better chance of conceiving if they avoid mints and will have twins if they eat yams.

Others fear that eating strawberries or seeing mice during pregnancy could give their babies birthmarks.

Another superstition is that a woman who gives gifts of silver will get pregnant, said family planning experts FPA as they launched specially created Fertility Awareness Kits.

While much of the advice dates back centuries, some are more modern and scientific – such as advising men to wear boxer shorts to keep sperm at a more ideal temperature.

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