Exploding watermelons with your mind

Exploding watermelon

Games that are played by using your hands are so last year – why not do something a little more fun? For instance, why not explode watermelons … with your mind? One hackerspace took that idea and ran with it, turning a mind-reading toy into a melon blasting machine.

The set-up, created by Chris and Brad from Louisville, Kentucky-based hackerspace LVL1, uses the Star Wars Force Trainer. It’s essentially a consumer level electroencephalograph (EEG), which scans your brain waves. When you reach a certain level of concentration, the device triggers an action.

However, in this case, the payoff for your concentration is far greater than with the off-the-shelf Force Trainer. The original Star Wars-inspired device merely caused a fan to turn on and push a ball up through a plastic tower, so as to mimic Jedi-like telekinetic powers.

source : http://www.gizmag.com/mind-over-melon-game/23921/

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