Mother’s milk promotes a healthier gut

breast feeding

The benefits of breast milk have long been appreciated, but now scientists have found yet another reason why mother’s should try and use their own milk rather than formula.

A team at Duke University Medical Center found newborns fed breast milk develop a healthier gut compared to those on infant formula.

This is because lab tests revealed a mother’s milk fosters unique colonies of microbiotic flora that aid nutrient absorption and boost immune system development.

Study leader Dr William Parker, said: ‘This study is the first we know of that examines the effects of infant nutrition on the way that bacteria grow, providing insight to the mechanisms underlying the benefits of breast feeding over formula feeding for newborns.

‘Only breast milk appears to promote a healthy colonization of beneficial biofilms, and these insights suggest there may be potential approaches for developing substitutes that more closely mimic those benefits in cases where breast milk cannot be provided.’

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