“Superbird” Cormorant’s Deep Dive is A Surprising First


Scientists in Argentina recently attached a lipstick-size video camera to an imperial cormorant‘s back. The result? Footage of the so-called Superbird diving 150 feet (46 meters) to the seafloor to catch a fish—far deeper than researchers thought cormorants could plunge.

The bird’s-eye view footage shocked researchers, according to the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), which teamed up with the National Research Council of Argentina (CONICET) on the project and released the cormorant video Tuesday.

“The assumption was that they fed on the surface, or just below the surface,” said WCS biologist Martin Mendez, spokesperson for the project, which was led by CONICET biologist Flavio Quintana.

“This is the first time we have seen them diving to the floor. It’s a new behavior—people didn’t know about this before.”

source : http://news.nationalgeographic.co.in/news/2012/08/120801-imperial-cormorant-dive-video-superbird-science/

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