Walk and talk again after copying own baby daughter


A young father who became trapped in his own body after suffering a stroke has learnt how to walk and talk again – by copying his baby daughter.

Mark Ellis was just 22 when he suffered a stroke and locked in syndrome – a nightmarish condition which leaves the sufferer’s brain still alert but their body paralysed.

The sudden stroke in August 2010, just two months after his marriage, left Mark completely helpless and he could only communicate by rolling his eyes.

Mark, a previously fit and healthy young man, was put into an induced coma soon after his stroke and his shocked family were told it was unlikely he would survive.

Devastated wife Amy, 32, had given birth to their daughter Lily-Rose just two weeks earlier.

But just eight months after his stroke, Mark amazed doctors when he left hospital and was learning to talk, move and walk again – thanks to mimicking the actions of his baby daughter.

Amy said: ‘It’s amazing that they have learned to do things together and now Mark can talk and walk with the use of a frame.

‘There wasn’t much time between him and Lola-Rose both taking their first steps. I think Mark took his first steps a week or two after Lola.

‘They use toys, books, games and the iPad together to learn how to do things and communicate.

source : http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-2175326/Father-trapped-body-locked-syndrome-learns-walk-talk-copying-baby-daughter.html

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