Dogs and Cats Help Prevent Infections in Kids

Dogs and Cats

Being around a dog and/or cat may help keep the doctor away, according to a new Pediatrics journal study that found exposure to pets in early life helps prevent infections.

The key is to be around a cat or dog (or both) during the first year of life. If you are planning a family, you might then consider adding a pet or more to your clan.

Eija Bergroth, a pediatrician at the Kuopio University Hospital in Finland, and colleagues tracked 397 children from pregnancy onward, focusing on the frequency of the kids’ respiratory symptoms and infections, together with information about dog and cat contacts during their first year of life.

The info was collected by using weekly diaries and a questionnaire. All of the children were born in eastern or middle Finland between September 2002 and May 2005.

The researchers discovered that children having pets at home were healthier (i.e., had fewer respiratory tract symptoms or infections) than children with no pet contacts. The study looked at dogs and cats, probably because they are the most common household pets, but I’m guessing any furry mammal pet would do the trick.

Additionally, kids with a dog or cat at home “tended to need fewer courses of antibiotics than children without such contacts,” the researchers wrote. Also, “both the weekly amount of contact with dogs and cats and the average yearly amount of contact were associated with decreased respiratory infectious disease morbidity.”


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