Dubai to Abu Dhabi Electric Superbus Now Road Legal


It’s 15 meters long, super luxurious and totally electric powered. It’s called the Superbus, and it was originally proposed as a super fast and luxurious commuter vehicle between the UEA Emirate states of Abu Dhabi and Dubai.  This totally electric and futuristic looking vehicle, was originally designed in the Netherlands, and put through its paces in road tests in Abu Dhabi’s Masdar City, has now been certified as “road Legal” by transportation authorities in the Netherlands, according to The National.

Designed to carry passengers seeking luxury and fast commuting times, the Superbus was designed by he Netherlands’ Delft University of Technology under the direction of Professor Wubbo Ockels, who is a former astronaut. The vehicle is made of lightweight materials and has eight gull wing type doors of either side. It is designed to carry up to 23 passengers, each one sitting in luxurious ergo dynamic seats.

When it was tested in Masdar City by  aerodynamic designer Antonia Terzi, she told reporters that the Superbus drives like a car: “After a couple of laps you forget you have 15 metres behind you. It’s really, really responsive and it drives really, really nicely.”

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