A little book has a big impact on how to run a charity


Plenty of people have endured attending an unproductive meeting. After he sat through three of them in a single day, philanthropist Mario Morino decided to write a book.

“It was late 2009…. In each meeting, I kept getting a little more aggravated,” recalls Mr. Morino in his office in Rocky River, Ohio, outside Cleveland. At each, a board was discussing how it would assess its nonprofit group. The problem? “There wasn’t a nonprofit executive in the room,” he says.

Morino, who owned his own software development business in the 1980s before setting up the Morino Institute and later Venture Philanthropy Partners, went home and fired off one e-mail, then another. After a fourth, he had what became the core of his book, “Leap of Reason,” which has more than 40,000 copies in circulation so far – an impressive number for a book about the rarefied topic of nonprofit management.

source : http://www.csmonitor.com/World/Making-a-difference/2012/0514/A-little-book-has-a-big-impact-on-how-to-run-a-charity

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