200-Year-Old Shipwreck Found Off Gulf Coast


Ocean researchers exploring the depths of the Gulf of Mexico have discovered a wooden shipwreck laden with anchors, navigational instruments, glass bottles, ceramic plates, cannons and boxes of muskets.

Resting on the sea bottom in about 4,000 feet of water, some 200 miles offs the northern Gulf Coast shore, the wooden-hulled vessel “is believed to have sunk as long as 200 years ago,” the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) said in a statement.

“Artifacts in and around the wreck and the hull’s copper sheathing may date the vessel to the early to mid-19th century,” said Jack Irion, a maritime archaeologist with the Interior Department’s Bureau of Ocean Energy Management.

Originally identified as an “unknown sonar contact” during a 2011 oil and gas survey for Shell Oil Company, the shipwreck site was fully investigated in a recent NOAA-funded 56-day expedition in little known regions of the Gulf.

Scientists on board the NOAA Ship Okeanos Explorer used a state-of-the-art multibeam mapping sonar and a remote-controlled underwater explorer, Little Hercules, that is equipped with lights and high definition cameras. They were able to view a variety of artifacts inside the ship’s hull.

source : http://news.discovery.com/history/shipwreck-gulf-120517.html

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