Tsunami survivor claims Harley-Davidson found in Canada


The owner of the Harley-Davidson motorcycle that washed up on the shores of Canada from Japan one year after the devastating Tsunami has been found.

Ikuo Yokoyama, from the Miyagi prefecture of the country, was located by the license plate number on the bike, which was still legible despite mass rusting after a year’s journey across the ocean.

The rusted bike was found in a large white container along with golf clubs and camping equipment by Canadian Peter Mark, who was beach-combing Graham Island, off the coast of British Columbia.

He took pictures of the bike and left it there. When he went back to get it he found the bike half buried in the sand as the shipping container had washed away, causing more damage to the bike.

Mr Yokoyama told Nippon TV when shown photos of the motorcycle: ‘This is unmistakably mine. It’s miraculous. I would like to thank the man who found it in person.’

source : http://www.whatsonningbo.com/news-8226-japanese-man-ikuo-yokoyama-claims-tsunami-harley-that-turns-up-in-canada.html


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