The baby who swam back to life


After Rosanna Ogden had open heart surgery at only six weeks old, her parents were told that physical activity could help her recovery.

It was then they discovered they had a water baby on their hands.

Only ten weeks after the operation, her mother Sanam took her to a swimming session for infants.

Rosanna proved to be such a natural that now, at the age of two, she can swim without armbands and has even passed her 15-metre test. Last month she became the youngest participant in a charity swim for the British Heart Foundation, raising more than £1,000 by covering 100 metres in stages.

‘I am so proud of her,’ said 27-year-old Mrs Ogden at the family home in Chorley, Lancashire. After suffering breathing difficulties, Rosanna was diagnosed with rhabdomyoma – a tumour attached to her heart. Although benign, it was blocking the flow of blood.

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