Man Returns Home After Receiving Artificial Heart


A man who received an artificial heart through surgery is back and home and doing well, he said.

Troy Golden, 45, walked out of Intergris Hospital Monday morning and began adjusting to life outside the watch of doctors.

“The first time in Oklahoma, second time in the United States. This is absolutely incredible,” said Dr. James Long with the Intergris Hospital Cardiac Care.

In September, Golden received his artificial heart. It works just like a normal heart — pumping blood from his body and circulating it throughout.

Golden finally was able to go home Monday afternoon.

“I am feeling good. I’m ecstatic to go home. I’m ecstatic that this artificial heart has given me a chance to wait for a heart transplant,” Golden said as he left the hospital.

Golden said since the surgery, he has gotten progressively better.

“No longer really get short of breath. I’m getting stronger every day,” he said.

Golden said he plans to hug his dog first thing when he gets home, since his kids aren’t there.

Doctors plan to continue monitoring Golden’s success. They said the artificial heart is only a temporary solution until a donor heart is found.

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