Violin Prodigy Helps Rebuild Haitian School


Brianna Kahane sounds like your typical second grader – that is, until you put a violin in her hands.
Brianna picked up her first violin when she was 3. And she’s played nearly every day since.

“What do you like about playing the violin?” asked CBS News correspondent Kelly Cobiella.

“It’s like a signing voice to me and I love it because it makes me happy and it makes other people listening to me feel really happy, too,” Brianna said.

But this isn’t a story about another child prodigy. It’s a story about a girl with a gift for giving.

Brianna has played for pop star Jordin Sparks to raise money for Miami Children’s Hospital. In the past year, this 8-year-old has performed at nearly a dozen charity events from Florida to Nevada, helping to raise more than $5 million.

“She said before she thinks music comes from the soul and it can make the world a better place,” said Brianna’s mother. “And she really believes that.”

So when Brianna learned the massive earthquake in Haiti brought down a music school, and crushed Romel Joseph, a violinist just like her, she wanted to help.

“I was so sad that he got so hurt and that his beautiful music school actually collapsed on him,” Brianna said. “For 18 hours he was stuck in there.”

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