Conjoined twins separated


Sita and Gita, the conjoined twins from Bihar, underwent a successful complicated surgery in Delhi’s Batra hospital on Monday night. Joined at the hip, the sisters had common reproductive and intestinal tracts and a fused spine. Close to 48 hours after a marathon surgery, doctors say the twins are doing well.

“Twins are active, all parameters normal. Today we have started them back on a milk diet. No problems,” said Dr Bagai.

The marathon surgery was a 15-hour long procedure. The twins were wheeled into the OT at 7 o’clock in the morning. Four hours later, the initial procedure of physically separating the two bodies, was complete. At 11 am, the most crucial stage of the operation began – creating separate genital, urinary and intestinal tracts for the two children. At 4 pm, in stage three, plastic surgeons took over to cover the exposed areas with skin. When the twins were finally wheeled out, it was 10 pm.

Doctors say the reconstructed areas will remain under observation for a while. Dr Rohit Nayar, Plastic Surgeon, said: “We are monitoring the colour and temperature of the newly constructed areas. There should be no bleeding etc. All stitch lines are fine.”

The twins will remain inside the ICU for about a week now to prevent infections. And the sisters have already started missing each other’s presence. Dr Bagai, CEO, Batra says: “Each one tries to feel for the other one next to her. They will take some time to come to terms with it.”

This is how the team of doctors here say there are feeling after the surgery’s success. While there is no need for a long term medication, doctors say the most important thing is to let the twins grow up as normal individuals.

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