Stunning Songbirds Return for Spring

Spring brings the return of songbirds across the United States, many having migrated from great distances. However, with the changing climate, weather patterns are shifting and causing birds to change their behaviors. Read more in the essay “Songbirds Emerge for Spring, But Is the Timing Off?” by the University of Maryland’s Naomi Eide, and see a gallery of American songbirds below courtesy of Julie Maher at the WCS photo blog, Wild View. The blog is celebrating birds with a bird photo contest, and for those local to New York, you can snap those shots with WCS on May 9 at its annual Birdathon at the Bronx Zoo. (Images credit: Julie Larsen Maher ©WCS.)

Cedar waxwings can be seen year round in the northeastern United States. They are social birds that can pluck and eat berries whole. Pigment from the fruit helps produce the birds’ red wingtips. Cedar waxwings’ black masks and high whistles distinguish them in their woodland home.

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