Nike’s New Shanghai Store is Made From 100 Percent Trash

Shanghai StoreIt would be designed to be very flexible. The suspension ceiling system would be designed to adapt to different exhibition and retail programs. Almost everything would be adjustable, which would free the floor plan for future installation and lighting conditions. No glue would be used to ensure that all materials can be 100 percent re-recycled. Now place the store in Shanghai, China where Miniwiz Sustainable Development Ltd., a Taiwanese architectural firm, completed just such a Nike concept store in July.

The building’s connection joints are made from 5,278 aluminum cans, and the 2,000 yards of tension cables are made from 2,000 post consumer recycled water bottles. The building is constructed from Miniwiz’s RiceFOLD ceiling panels, which were made from 50,000 recycled CDs and DVDs. The panels are reinforced with Rice Husk Si02, which is a natural, organic mechanical strengthening additive. They are designed with engineered light and sound diffusing properties which amplifies sound distribution without being muddled. The light is evenly distributed with little back lighting, which will eventually reduce operational cost and the building’s carbon footprint. They are very fire resistant and can be used as wall or ceiling panels for residential and commercial buildings. The origami design of the panels allows the panels to be shipped stacked and flat. They contain low volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and their weight is less than half of the weight of an aluminum panel.

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