Deaf toddler’s adorable reaction to hearing for the first time!!!

Reyn SchadtA toddler who was born deaf burst into tears and then grinned incredulously after an implant that allowed her to hear was turned on for the first time.

Little Reyn Schadt, 16 months, was initially overwhelmed by the new sensation of sound, and flung herself into her mother’s neck.

But as her parents wept with joy, her panic turned to happiness as she realised she could hear for the very first time.

The adorable toddler from Louisville, Kentucky, was born with a virus called CMV (cytomegalovirus) which caused hearing loss.

Her mother, Courtney Schadt, who said she was shocked to learn her baby daughter couldn’t hear when she was born, was introduced to Shelly Moats, a Louisville audiologist, who said that a cochlear implant could help bypass the damaged nerve in Reyn’s ears and allow her to hear.

After the surgery, Reyn was invited to the doctor’s practice to be fitted with the microphone and transmitter which would allow the implant to work.

Then it was time for Dr Moats to turn the device on.

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